Hello World 2.0

Welcome to my new (temporary) blog! Finally I’ve managed to setup new version of it (old one is available at github)

This year was a very productive for me. I’ve managed to start working on my new, minimal and oldschool-like framework Rakun.js and my very own static site generator with web interface, Inku.js.

While Rakun.js is already used in production (mobile app), Inku is still in very early alpha (I’ve decided to completely change main app template and use Rakun.js as a base for the frontend part).

New Year’s Resolutions - 2016/2017 edition

The biggest problem with New Year’s Resolutions is that we’re unable to keep with them / finish.

In one of the last posts at my previous blog I’ve put some New Year’s Resolutions for the upcoming year - most of them was blog-related which I’ve never done (till now).

I’ve decided to change that.

After almost whole year without blogging I’ve collected many topics to save for myself/share with community.

I’ve decided to setup a quick, temporary version of new blog, based on Hexo static site generator. I’ll publish my new content here, till I’ve finish my Inku.js CMS - then I’ll migrate everything from here and my old blog to a new one.

The theme I’ve used is a Cactus theme dark by Pieter Robberechts with couple modifications - this guy did amazing job and You should definitely give couple stars to his github repos.

In the meantime - going back to code ;)


– ł.