In search of the Golden Grail of productivity

Everyone desires it, but no one has found it yet.

The Holy Grail of productivity.

A mythical cure for general anxiety, FoMO or - above all - burning out syndrome.

Internet is filled with coaching presentations about instant focus and everlasting productivity.

The problem is that probably none of that will work for You.

Every successful person I’ve met has its own, unique set of tips to stay productive almost every day.

Don’t be fooled - even the most busy people need a break sometimes to recharge batteries. Even if it is not visible at first glance, they don’t work 24/7. So what’s the secret?

TODO & TODON’T to the rescue

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s no such thing as a golden rule to being more productive. But at least You can try to improve Your process and remove unnecessary obstacles.

Before going to sleep, take a piece of paper, pen and sit down. Try to summarize Your day in one sentence, that will remind You this day. Make a list of things that You think was nice, and makes You a better person (in the meaning of self-development).

On the other list note things that was a waste of time, e.g. watching too much TV or scrolling through social media feeds.

Read everything couple times, try to remember it next day.

Repeat everything for couple next days.

Draw conclusions from every note. Improve every day, over and over till You’ll be satisfied with Your progress.

Probably You are now thinking: Ok but what are those summary sentences for?

To mark Your progress. When You will go back after some time to them, they’ll remind You about Your progress or laziness. You will feel pride or shame. You will then remember what have You done to be (or not) more productive.

Personally, the most difficult part of this approach was to form a summary sentence of each day. I realized that I was living so fast (and overworked) that I had difficulties to remember all things that happened during the day.

For the first couple days You can find it hard to manage time or even remember to do that, but I’m sure that after couple days You will form a habit.

If You’re curious what’s on my list, I’ll soon publish couple short notes with more information about that.

And how about You? What’s Your favorite process to be more productive?


– ł.