Shortie #2: I've finally found a TODO app that rocks

I’ve tried many TODO apps that are available on the market. Most of them was doing their job perfectly, but lacked of fine user interface.

Some of them has a nice interface, but at the same time was not available on linux and Windows Phone 10 platform, which I use.

At some point I was so determined to try developing my own tool, but porting it to so specific (and really different) platforms eventually exceeded my patience and time I wanted to spend on such objective.

To be more specific for my needs about desktop app: I was looking for a tool that is easy accessible during everyday work (e.g. as a icon in the main menu bar) but none of available options was a perfect fit.

Finally, I’ve decided to change this requirement and I’ve checked available browser plugins (because 50%+ of my computer time I spent inside it (the rest is vim)).

After some research, I’ve found it: a Todoist.

It’s a really nice tool, that can be run on any platform You want (inside browsers, desktop or on mobile).

I really like its clean, minimalistic design and straightforward flow of usage.

I’m using a Todoist free plan and can’t think about any reasons to switch into paid one - basic plan have everything that meets my needs perfectly:

  • adding tasks,
  • categorizing tasks,
  • clean design,
  • real multiplatform implementation,
  • nice additional feature: adding current page as a task

If You’re searching for TODO app that works and looks nice - give it a try.

Or maybe You prefer other apps? I’d love to hear about them.


– ł.

Shorties are a series of short articles with my random thoughts. Most of them is heavily inspired by third-party articles which is always linked in the content.