Shortie #3: State of javascript fatigue in 2017

Is there any reason to keep complaining about javascript fatigue in 2017?



This shortie is my personal opinion about recent thread on Hacker News (available here)

Reading through it I’ve seen repeating comments about current javascript fatigue or how messy js as a language is.

In my opinion the developers themselves are the cause of such state.

Everyone seems frustrated that they all have to use some weird multi-level abstraction tools to deal with web front-end development.

But the truth is that they don’t have to.

They don’t have to use webpack and Babel.

They don’t have to write code in ES6+.

They don’t have to use React.js/Angular.js/Backbone.js/Ember.js.

They don’t have to use CSS modules or PostCSS (or any other fancy/weird CSS-related stuff).

But they should always choose best tool for the job - and trust me - very often stuff above won’t be necessary.

5 years ago there were also rich web applications (a.k.a. today’s SPAs), but they wasn’t built on top of such monolith tools.

In almost every projects that I had pleasure to work with as a freelancer, there was just jQuery and couple other js plugins as a main stack. And codebase of these apps is maintanable and still clear today.

It is not a coincidence that I’ve decided to build Rakun.js with such simple approach - when You’re dealing with all those fancy tools on everyday job making such side-project feels like a relief.

Additionaly, after speaking with couple fellow front-end developers I’ve found a pattern, that most of those who complain most about classic approach of front-end development are unable to design proper app architecture by themselves - they need clear frames HOW-TO build something - which is very often provided by X or Y framework guides.

So don’t be harsh to yourself - if You don’t want to work with React/Webpack/Babel/shinyFancyHypedFrameworkOrToolNameHere - just don’t use it.

BTW. Today goes straight month since my last blog post. I was pretty overworked with some extra projects so I didn’t manage to create any new content. But in upcoming days I plan to push further development of Rakun.js and finally use it in personal side-project - stay focused!


– ł.

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