What trolling and motivation boost have in common?

Sometimes jokes leads to weird things

Couple days ago I’ve read about Angular 4 release.

Since I’m not really interested about investing my time to learn this framework I’ve read this hackernews thread and I was really surprised that so many people shares my attitude (mostly because decision about deprecation of angular 1.x but it’s not the case of this article)

I’ve found really funny what happened in comments:


Yes, I would not be myself if I would not join this funny trolling discussion with my little Rakun.js advert :D

Even if it was purely for fun today I’ve realised that screenshot above was shared in couple javascript groups on facebook.

Something told me to check my google analytics page - and so the fun happened:


The peak of unique visitors above represents the count of 469 - FOUR HUNDRETS, SIXTY NINE VISITS PER DAY! While my regular amount of unique visits per day were oscilating around 30-40 sessions this amount amazed me :D

When the first delight subsided, I felt motivated to come back to work on Rakun.js - so I’ve entered github - and the second wave of happiness happened:



You may now laugh at me, but for someone who just started developing very own first open-source tool it means A LOT!

So from this place, I would like to thank these two persons 1000 times for their stars :)

Couple last weeks was very exhausting for me and I felt really burned out - but after today’s discovery I feel motivated as never!

In the following days I’ve planned to come back to Rakun.js development, alternating to messing around with Ember.js - yeah I’ve decided to give it a shot (last month I’ve checked Vue.js but doesn’t really like it - I’ve get hyped a bit about Ember’s CLI tool and new rendering engine - did You know that it will be as fast (or even faster) than React’s?)

Cheers everyone and have a great day!


– ł.