Inku.js devlog #1

Inku.js is a static site generator with web interface, created with ❤ && Node.js (and soon with Vue.js!)

Currently I’m pretty busy with many interview processes (yes, I’ve finally decided to switch jobs!) but couple days ago, I’ve decided to continue developing one of my primary open-source projects — Inku.js

After hours spent with Vue.js framework, I thought that giving it a try in Inku project will be fun. In addition, I’ve decided to check out servers-side rendering of Vue components — it rocks (so far)! :)

At this moment, I’m migrating all existing functionalities to Vue.js framework (with express-vue plugin for SSR) and cleaning out the code to give it a performance boost — especially with handling all the file-related stuff asynchronously. I have also prepared new layout — which can be seen here.

After this phase, I’ll cover main modules with tests (finally!) and create my new website using it (as a DEMO of its capabilities).

If You wanna check the current status of development — here’s the link to updated repo.

Stay focused!


— ł.