Rakun.js [beta]

While everyone’s got tired of the current state of javascript, I’ve decided to develop my very own, minimalistic front-end framework with old-school approach (zero dependency and no fancy solutions not widely supported by common browsers).
It can be easily integrated with existing solutions e.g. jQuery and jQuery plugins without any dedicated library modifications.

Inku.js [early alpha]

A Node.js-based static site generator with web interface. FTP deployments, markdown editor with inline image uploader and json-based search feature (on generated static website) will be included.

Scaffolder [beta]

Inspired by Ruby on Rails scaffolding generator I’ve decided to build my own one, for Meteor.js in 1.0.2 version at the time of writing it. To achieve such objective, I’ve decided to use bash and write it as a straighforward function.
It was a double-goal project for me, because I’ve learned some basics of writing bash shell scripts.


Due to the current state of the projects, feel free to ask or create suitable issue.

Commercial/Freelance Projects

WTP website development

WTP is the leading company in Greater Poland that specializes in cleaning lacquered steel surfaces.

My task was to create web experience based on photoshop projects. To complete this task I had to create couple plugins (e.g. before/after slider).

This website was created with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery and some simple PHP code.

see it online

Law firm Torbé & partners website development

My task was to create the Wordpress-powered website, based on photoshop documents, prepared by graphic designer.

Technologies used in this project: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and some simple PHP code.

see it online