Front-end engineer

Hi, I'm Łukasz Kupś - a web developer from Poland with 14+ years of experience working on client & server side of web applications.
I love creating nice and useful things for the Internet people.

At the moment I feel most comfortable in working on Vue.js-powered Single Page Applications. Don't get it wrong though, I totally believe in can-do mindset and learning other frameworks shouldn't be a huge problem - in the end it's just a tool (that said I also know basics of React.js).

During my career I also had pleasure working on mobile apps built on top of JavaScript, Phonegap & Cordova. Wordpress theme development from scratch is not a problem for me either.

I like to co-op with Ruby on Rails and Django devs, who provides me APIs for creating beautiful and useful frontend interfaces. I have also built couple simple endpoints using Node.js/Express.js by myself as well.

Crafting web stuff since 2010

This is my personal web space, where I save / share my thoughts, ideas & experience.

In my spare time I blog & tweet about tech-related stuff, make games or commit code to my open-source repositories.

If You want to know more about me - please take a look at my linkedin profile, github repository list or experience page.

If You are interested in working together, feel free to contact me via twitter or e-mail.