Front-end engineer

Hi, I'm Łukasz Kupś - a web developer from Poland with 9+ years of experience working both on client & server side of web applications. I create nice and useful things for the Internet people.

Crafting web stuff since 2009

This is my personal web space, where I save / share my thoughts, ideas & experience. I build stuff using Vue.js, Node.js / Express.js and Cordova.

If You want to know more about my experience - please take a look at my linkedin profile, github repository list or experience page.

In my spare time I blog & tweet about tech-related stuff, take photos or commit code to my open-source repositories.

I also like to co-op with Ruby on Rails and Django devs, who provides me APIs for creating beautiful and useful frontend interfaces. Creating custom Wordpress templates from scratch is no magic for me either.

If You are interested in working together, feel free to contact me via twitter or e-mail.