Terry Poorflyer PC game

My first PC game that has been released on Steam (made with Construct 3 game engine).
Inspired by retro side-scrolling platformers, Terry Poorflyer adds own "stomp" flair to it, handled by physics engine more advanced than in HL3! (or, at least at the time this description has been written)
Collect all the coins on the way to gain a perfect score and help Terry fund a brand new (used) plane to continue his adventures!

TANKI game

My 3rd indie game made with Construct 3. This time I've created a top-down shooter/arcade tank simulator game. Destroy as many enemy tanks as possible!

Lkweekly 2020

In 2020 I've decided to write down summary notes about the passing weeks and publish them every Sunday. My goal was to have a cleaner insights about my personal achievements over the year and to improve my casual writing skills.


My 2nd indie game made with Construct 3. This time I've created a survival type game with Halloween theme. Collect as many milk bottles as possible & avoid evil pumpkings at all costs.

BOINK! game

My first indie game that I've actually finished. Puzzle game where the main goal is to *boink* as many balls as possible. Made with Construct 3.


A fork-to-use static site generator tool. This website is powered by Writteli as well. There's a plan to release it as npm package & desktop app. Official website + docs coming soon.


My first npm package. A simple table component built with Vue.js that meant to be as simple and reusable as possible.

Low-poly SVG map

A low-poly SVG world map file.

Vue.js brewery explorer

A simple brewery explorer that fetch list of breweries through Open Source API. It then filters by state (which is based on returned results) locally (on purpose). Added basic responsiveness and my first Cypress-based e2e tests.

Vue.js simple shop

A random product list that emulates simple shop. User can add products to the cart, which then are calculated for total price. It requires to run a basic express.js-powered API to serve some results locally (included in the repo).