Can't kill progress

Published at 2019/01/25

Welcome on my new website!

I've made it! After month of coding I've finally made a new version of my website & tooling (more about that later) which will help me keeping it updated.

I'm very excited and interested what do you think about it. While taking a tour, I highly recommend listening to Deus Ex: Human Revolution OST :)

Yes, this website is heavily inspired by the latest Deus Ex games.

At first, I've applied new design based on bright background colors, with strong contrasts (almost like current apple website design, but a bit more colorful) but I've been missing something.

I've wanted to keep all the graphic assets in low-poly style, but pairing it with all these whitish & grayish color tones just doesn't suit to me.

Then I've remembered about Deus Ex: Human Revolution game (still gotta finish Mankind Divided ;) ).

It was hard at first to find a good balance in using enough colors in the palette - in the end the whole page color palette is based on 3 main colors:

  • Golden Epoch (#bd8f3a) - occurs in more than just one shade - depends on purpose and for readability sake,

  • Blank Range (#0f0f0f),

  • F1 White (#f1f1f1)

Sometimes you just have to let go, and embrace what you've become

You've probably already noticed, that I've gone back to my old domain, instead using mrmnmly one.

Can't explain this easily or straightforward. Maybe it's because I've missed my personal logo so much? Maybe because I don't feel yet that new default nickname? Not sure. Maybe it's just a personality disorder caused by AUGs (hello DeusEx again) or it just feels more personal.

But still, you can find me in social media under @mrmnmly nickname - it's easier to read internationally, since most people doesn't even know what ł or ś are (yep, my real full name is Łukasz Kupś - looking forward if you dare to record trying to read that aloud and send it back to me :)). @lukaszkups nickname.

The future is (almost) here

When I've decided to create new website, I've struggled with choice of the right tool to do it. Last year I've switched from static site generator to Wordpress - it was OK, but somewhat an incomplete experience. I think I've just missed that bits of hackiness while creating the content.

So I've decided to create a tool, tailored just for my needs.

I would rather avoid calling it a static site generator - it's more like a pipeline, a pack of various small modules that enables you to parse content and theme files into fully functioning static website in the way you want.

But that's a topic for a separate article :)

Stay tuned.

-- ł.

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