How I convinced myself to use EventBus in Vue.js?

Published at 2018/11/06

Event Bus concept tends to have a bad opinion across most Vue.js developers. I was one of them.

I use Vuex in all web applications I build. It enables me to handle state management and communication between components with ease. Surprisingly, I've found recently a perfect use-case of using Event Bus instead.

Disclaimer: I still tend to avoid using it

I love idea behind Vuex (yes, I know that this is nothing new (I'm thinking about you, MobX/Redux)) and thanks to learning this concept I really started to understand what these React's alternatives are really about (which is just an another sign that Vue.js documentation is really that awesome ;) ).

You might think that I overkill it, but when my application needs to communicate between 2+ components, it means to me to use it as an excuse for importing Vuex into the project. It just makes code cleaner and easier to maintain.

Ok, so what's about that event bus then?

Everything has started from a simple task: synchronize all clocks across the webpage so they will tick at the exact same moment.

Long story short: I've solved that problem by setting one global clock interval that emits a global Event Bus event - so instead of setting intervals inside components I've created one:

// events.js file
import Vue from 'vue';
export const EventBus = new Vue();

// then in App.vue file

import { EventBus } from '@/helpers/events.js'

setInterval(() => {
}, 1000)

So now everywhere I want to update some time-dependent value I listen for that global event:

// in component's code
<div>{{ someTimeDiffWeHaveToDisplay }}</div>
import { EventBus } from '@/helpers/events.js';
data () {
  return {
    someRandomMomentInMs: 1541537741473
computed: {
  someTimeDiffWeHaveToDisplay () {
    return Math.abs(this.currentTime - this.someRandomMomentInMs)
methods: {
  updateCurrentTime () {
    this.currentTime =
created () {
  EventBus.$on('updateGlobalClockEvent', this.updateCurrentTime);

Additionaly, you can upgrade this solution by using a Web Worker for handling the setInterval function so it won't be ever delayed by UI processing.

SHOW me!

Alright, if you are curious how this work, you can check this simple Code Sandbox I've prepared as an working example:

What do you think about this solution?

Do you even use Event Bus for anything in your Vue.js applications?

-- ł.

This post is a part of my Vue.js tips & tricks article series, based on personal experience while working on real-life projects.

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