How to learn stuff quickly

Published at 2021/11/08

I've got an idea to write this note after reading article that I've found on Hacker News today.

In contrast to original write-up, which was focused on learning something that we really want to learn, I would like to share my hack on how to learn something that not necessairly interests us, but we're obliged to learn (e.g. for some tests on University).

> drum noises intensifies <

Just lie yourself that this particular topic interests you

No matter how weird this might sound, changing my attitude towards the materials that I need to learn was a game changer.

Yes, I was just faking my interest into some stuff that seemed totally boring for me and that helped me learn it a lot faster.

How to do it? Imagine that moment when you read some random article and you've just think: hey, that's interesting! - just try to mimic that feeling in your head while learning hated material.

I really regret that I've found this lifehack at a pretty late stage of my education (during Master Thesis basically) but I'm already trying to pass this knowledge to my kids 🙂.

-- ł.