Just another late summary of the year 2023

Published at 2024/02/09

Long time no see

What it was a year! There's a lot happening in my life recently, so maybe let's just go straight to the summary itself.

Lessons learned

Expect nothing, prepare for anything - this is probably my golden quote for the 2023 year (and for any incoming one too πŸ™‚). A lot of stuff has been going on - changing workplace in April, started house build (while I was known as a person who won't ever want to build a house) - you name it!

January 2024 was crazy, as I was busy aligning with both of those topics above at the same time, while still working full-time at MB.io - you can just imagine me living in a Zombie mode basically whole month straight πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ.

Personal growth stats

252 contributions in personal coding projects - literally twice as in previous year makes it not that bad achievement to start this segment at all 😎 (worked mosty on the initial structure of my very own little game engine and this website).

To keep the tradition alive: my Stackoverflow profile lives on its own - but somehow my stats has grown by 325 points (so I have 5870 reputation points in total).

During previous year I've realized that my static site generator stack was really outdated and needed some modern touches - I've quickly copy-pasted everything (while modernizing syntax a little bit during the process), added Vite and some basic TypeScript support.

Unfortunately, after a really short time I've started getting troubles to manage ANYTHING on this website (due to some random dependency/TypeScript/Node.js version errors and incompabilities)

So I've decided to rewrite everything - and now I hope that's gonna motivate me to write again a lot more here (as having only 2 articles in 2023 is really lame for my self-standards πŸ˜…).

Social media

To be honest - I don't really care anymore about stats per se, as Twitter (also known-as-x-but-nobody-cares-about-it) become unusable for me last year and I've moved my activity to Mastodon - on Twitter only doing some RTs and re-posts from my Mastodon account, but here they are:

  • twitter (@lukaszkups): around +60 new followers (240 in total) - but also I've started following tons of accounts as my feed was a mess already (because of algorithms change and way more aggressive sponsored tweets display).

  • mastodon (@lukaszkups) - 59 followers at the moment.

  • instagram (@lukasz_kups): +18 new followers (142 in total, but that account also mostly lives its own life (I only do rarely post some reels from the music events I attend once or twice a year lol πŸ˜…))


First - I would like to brag about something 😎 - I've finally attend an ENTER SHIKARI concert! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ - it was an amazing experience to me, literally best concert I've ever attended.

Second - I did dreadlocks haircut for the second time in my life 🀘😎πŸ”₯ (I've also already cut it off but I don't promise that I won't do it again πŸ˜…)

Yeap, that was me for a while, AD 2023


Started reading The Three Body Problem saga - already read 1st book, currently I'm somewhere in the middle of the second one.

Still waiting for the remaining 9 issues of Transformers G1 classic comics πŸ™„ (and really getting irritated because of it)

Started collecting Katsuhiro Otomo's AKIRA manga 😎 (I do love it, read it twice already in the past in pdf version).


Dune - I was silly enough to not go to the cinema for this movie and I regret it so much (but now I know to not repeat it with the sequel that is coming this year πŸ™‚) - one of the best movies I've seen in 2023.

Oppenheimer - another great 2023 movie - I was fortunate to see it in the cinema. Really great story, I didn't expect that there will be actually TWO main plots.

Avatar 2 / Avatar: The Way of Water - a really nice sequel, but not that amazing as first one.

Boss Level - a great action-comedy movie, if you enjoyed Deadpool but you would wish less childish humor (you've got a silly one here instead πŸ˜…) - this is the thing just right for you! πŸ™‚

The Creator - for me, it's an Oscar-winning film for the shots - especially when we take into consideration on how small budget it had! I would love to see more stories from this universe.

Wonka - I haven't seen a better family movie in a really long time - I went with my whole family (so the age spectrum was from 5 to 35) and everyone enjoyed it πŸ’›

Leave the World Behind - nice pre-post-apo-alike movie that keeps you in suspense for almost whole time.

Nobody - that's literally a John Wick from alternate universe, played by Bob Odenkirk movie (and I've enjoyed that a lot!)

Movie series:

El elegido - whoa, I've already totally forgot about this one - but that doesn't mean that it was bad at all! Really interesting concept of Jesus revelation in modern times.

Iria: Zeiram the Animation - I've seen one episode of this Anime when I was a kid and was searching for its title my whole life - fortunately internet community helped me with this task πŸ™‚ A really cool sci-fi anime!

Bodies - interesting time-travel crime story.

Wednesday - yeap, I've seen that one as well (finally!) - and both me and my wife enjoyed it!

1670 - I don't remember if I ever laugh so hard during every episode for the whole series ever! Great satire about almost every modern topic, but set in medieval Polish village.


Halo 1 & 2 - Thanks to Masterchief Collection I've managed to play first 2 episodes of Masterchief's saga - planned initially to go through all of them but to be honest - become just bored when started 3rd one.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 - what a great blast from the past, but with modern graphics!

Solar Ash - as a Hyper Light Drifter fan, this was a must-play to me.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA - a not that bad action-jrpg - wanted to try finally something else than another Final Fantasy game πŸ™‚

Lies of P - my game of the year 2023 πŸ’› I'm already going through it for the 2nd time (and that doesn't happen often!) - also - my first soulslike game. I've got a really tough time with it, but the story and whole universe build made me want to try again and again, just to learn more about the lore. Looking forward now for DLC and sequel to it!

Small Wins

I'm not really sure what to write here to be honest. Maybe making some progress in writing own game engine? I negleted it recently, not gonna lie, but I'm already satisfied that I've forced myself to not stick to only my own code, but to mix it with pixi.js for the rendering part.

Small failures

I think… nothing? I did my best in 2023, a lot has happened, but nothing bad in particular or that I would call a failure.

Plans for the 2024

As we're already in 2024 and a lot stuff is happening, I do want to do my best at my new full-time workplace, Altium! πŸ™Œ

At the same time, I do hope to handle everything house build-related - I've already learned tons of stuff and I'm constantly learning every day, while studying my house project and googling for stuff that I don't have a clue what's their purpose πŸ˜…

Summary of the summary

A lot stuff has happened, even more is going on right now, but I do hope everything will settle down during this year πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, let's have a great year and see you soon! πŸ‘‹

-- Ε‚.

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