lkweekly #1 - introduction

Published at 2020/01/07

Last year has passed by so fast, as I haven't even noticed.

Constant fight with FOMO and rushing after side projects development (2 at the moment 😉 ) are not best habits for overall health.

All days were merging into one, from 2020 perspective I would have serious difficulty with differentiating any specific events that happened in the past year.

So for my own sake I've decided to write weekly summary notes to keep them as an archive in consistent format so I can go back to them at any time when I need. Also I hope this will help me document things I do regarding my side projects - a devlog probably? 💻


I've started working on desktop version of writteli. I'm reworking its API base, to make it work more in sync with the configuration and not on the themes (breaking changes are coming).

I did a research about available solutions for cross-platform desktop development. At first I was a bit afraid of the final build size when using JavaScript-based frameworks but familarity of the language was a big plus. Tried out some stuff with Electron.js and NW.js. Found some issues while working with both of them on WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) but in the end decided go further with electron.

I'm pretty satisfied with the architecture I've planned for this app and I'm happy that I've finally figured out how to support multiple websites via single writteli desktop app.


I've watched with my wife A Star is Born on HBO Go - I really don't get the hype about this movie - it was nice (especially singing/concert scenes) but nothing spectacular - actually it was a bit boring and had few weird dialogue lines.

I've also seen (by accident) The Cold Light of Day on TV which surprisingly was a pretty entertaining (but not that ambitious) bond-or-mission-impossible-alike movie.

I've started playing Hyper Light Drifter on PS4. I literally love this game (especially the relation between the game author and the main protagonist health state story), finished it already couple times on PC, but this is the first time I approach it on the console (and this time I want to finish it on 100% with all secrets etc.). Also playing Starlit Adventures with my son - that was the biggest unexpected wow game I've found in PS Store for free (and highly recommend it!).

Favorite songs: Kavinsky - Nighcall and VHS Dreams - Downtown (great for night car cruising 🎧 )


It was a good week. I'm very happy because of my productivity in the beginning of year and overall progress on writteli desktop app development 👍

-- ł.

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