lkweekly #12

Published at 2020/03/22

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


This week I've started working on multiple projects - just to not get bored of working on single one.

In short:

  • Writteli library - an extensive set of helper methods that helps you build your very own static site generator

  • Writteli - an opinionated setup of writteli library that will be backward-compatible with existing writteli (so I can use it for managing this website without need of changing anything). It will work also as an example presentation of how you can use writteli library itself.

  • Raw JavaScript live tile plugin that will enable creating similar UI element that you could've seen in Windows Phone OS - just for fun.

  • A Vue.js plugin that will enable creating forms based on provided JSON structure.

Besides that - great news! Wikimedia has announced that they're adopting Vue.js! It's also worth to take a look on a tweet from Vue.js creator, Evan You what does it really mean.

Other good news are especially for creatives: Affinity offers a 50% discount for all their products because of COVID-19.


Yesterday I've turned 31 - gosh, times goes like crazy 😄

Besides that, #COVID-19 and #StayTheFuckHome topics are unfortunately still trending everywhere ☣️ 🏠

I've also started playing with my kiddo LEGO Marvel Avengers - so cute & funny game 🙂 🎮

Favorite song: culineR - Emerald Explosion (Kavvson League of Legends Theme) 🎧


As you can see I'm more busy than ever! But planning more leisure time next week 👍 I hope I'll actually manage to make it happen 😆

Take care everyone!

-- ł.

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