lkweekly #13

Published at 2020/03/29

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


As I've mentioned in the previous lkweekly I've started working on multiple new projects. This week I was focused most on the one that will handle Vue.js forms in provided JSON object format. I decided to create 2 main modules for it - parser and WYSIWYG form editor.


Nothing spectacular, still playing LEGO Marvel Avengers & started also playing Journey - can't figure out why I haven't tried this one earlier 🎮.

I have also watched with my son The LEGO Movie 2. While he's a huge fan of the first part I've noticed that this title had more stuff that might be interesting to kids a bit older than 5. Duh, I think I've enjoyed this part more than the first one as there was more funny quotes with hidden meaning here and there. Also, absence of the "Everything is awesome" song was a huge drawback.

Favorite songs: Cloud 9+ - Sasquatch, Cloud 9+ - When We Were Young & Dakota Star - It's all about you 🎧


Keeping the flow, I don't remember if I ever had such long (non-full-time-work-related) commits streak on github before! 😎 👍


-- ł.

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