lkweekly #15

Published at 2020/04/12

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


During this week I've been working further on my Vue.js json-based form generator and started customizing my website current writteli pipeline - I want to separate #lkweekly serie from other kind of posts in the main blog notes list.

Also, despite all efforts I didn't manage to finish my newest article - since last week I'm tinkering the contents around but cannot form my thoughts good enought to be satisfied.


I've finished Journey game - gosh it's such a masterpiece 👍 I've also came back to play Horizon: Zero Dawn after 1 year break in the middle of the story. 🎮.

Favorite songs: Stan SB - Flat Foot Face & culineR - Emerald Explosion (Kavvson League of Legends Theme) 🎧


Happy Easter everyone! Wish you all the best and please keep yourself and your loved ones safe in this weird (due to COVID-19) times 🤗.

-- ł.

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