lkweekly #16

Published at 2020/04/20

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


Not much different than last week - once I had some free time (and willingness) I've been working further on my JSON-based form generator, but mostly I've been thinking about new approach to work on writteli static site generator (more info about it soon).


My biggest distraction from working on my side projects is Horizon: Zero Dawn I've dive deep into this game again and I'm now spending most of my free time roaming through post-post apo world and searching for game collectibles 😃 🎮.

No really favorite songs at this week, unfortunately (Horizon: Zero Dawn OST maybe? 🙂).


This lkweekly has been delayed because I haven't prepared myself enough on time - I've been moving through places on Sunday and haven't checked on my different working machine if everything is set properly to run my writteli project. It turned out that WSL2 had some linux kernel update which was blocking me from using it's command line so I couldn't make my environment work on time.

-- ł.

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