lkweekly #17

Published at 2020/04/26

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


I had a really (REALLY) busy week at (full-time) work and I didn't have any spare time to work on any other projects. But as a side note I've learned this week about TipTap rich text editor for Vue.js - I've even played around a little bit with it, and I think I'll definitely will use it in my side projects.


Still hunting mecha dinosaurs at Horizon: Zero Dawn world when I can't sleep 😀 🎮.

Favorite songs: Nhato - Gekka & Jack Ü (Skrillex & Diplo) - To Ü (feat. AlunaGeorge) 🎧


Time flows like a crazy when you're (like 16 hours-per day 😲) busy. But as I've mentioned before, shooting from bow in post-post apo world will keep you sane - totally recommend it.

-- ł.

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