lkweekly #18

Published at 2020/05/03

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


While still being busy at my full-time job, I've managed to release a new version of Tavuelo (0.12.2) with small bugfix related to row selection and pagination.

I have also started working again on Formastic (unreleased to the public audience at the moment) - a Vue.js plugin that enables creating advanced forms based on JSON-ish (js object really) structure - at the moment I'm shaping general architecture-related rules that will controll this whole plugin.


Slowly getting tired again of Horizon: Zero Dawn game - I've discovered almost whole map that is available and killed couple first Thunderjaws (one of the hardest enemies available) 🎮.

If you ever seen any Horizon: Zero Dawn's promo video you're probably familiar with this giant (source: google/pinterest)

This time I think it's caused by intensity and frequency of my play sessions - almost every day (night actually) I've played it for almost 1-2 hours. Also finally battling the most difficult enemies (and winning) made this game lost a little bit of its general challenge.

Favorite songs: Krewella, Arrested Youth - Anxiety & L.A.O.S., 501 - Hush Now (501 Remix) 🎧


Lkweekly turns 18 this week! Despite its (and my willingness to write it) ups and downs I'm very proud of myself that I've managed to keep it posted on regular basis until now. I wonder if I'll be able to continue until the end of this year 🤔 - I hope I will!

I've noticed that it makes me more motivated to work on my side-projects as I threat this serie as a self-settlement on weekly basis. It makes me also keep my self-awereness of stuff I've done (and HOW I did it) in the past week, re-think the flow and try to improve it.

I totally recommend writing such summary to everyone 👍

-- ł.

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