lkweekly #20

Published at 2020/05/17

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


I've decided to make a rebranding of my most important side-project -writteli - it now becomes… it's really a secret for now - will announce it in the near future ha! 😎

Besides that, I've started refreshing my knowledge about meteor.js framework 📚 as I thought it might be handy when working on writteli desktop app but…

…all of sudden I've took second approach to NW.js - and it was totally a pure joy to work with this time! Everything started working just as I've wanted to, without any extensive configuration (I'm thinking about you, electron 😒) - I hope it will stay like that until the very end of development.. 🤞

I've also learned about alpine.js - a micro framework that might be a light alternative to Vue or React. I've even thought for a moment about using it as a main rendering engine for writteli desktop app, but I haven't found quick answers for a couple of questions I had after reading alpine's documentation so I've abandoned that idea.


Guess what? Horizon: Zero Dawn disc is still spinning in my PS4's drive 🎮.

Also, reminder to everyone - besides this week free GTA V at Epic Games store, you can also obtain Lego Ninjago game, for almost any common platform (PC (via Steam), PS4 or XBox).

Yup, my kiddo started playing our newest little game already

Favorite songs: Krewella, Arrested Youth - Anxiety & LMFAO, Natalia Kills - Champagne Showers 🎧


Work hard, play hard - but also try to take it easy from time to time 😉

-- ł.

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