lkweekly #22

Published at 2020/05/31

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.

This week I was very busy at my full-time work so I'm gonna make it short and straightforward again.


Working further on my new writteli version - working on initial screen design with list of saved projects. Found out great open source icon set - Feather Icons.

Besides that, have first semi-final draft (probably!) of the color palette: #f6f7fb, #b9bfcb, #2a9df4, #1167b1.


Nothing spectacular, due to loosening restrictions related to social distancing (COVID-19 in Poland situation) and great weather, I've finally could do something that simple like going outside with my family for a walk again - good times 👪 👍

I've also bought a pull up bar - I've never ever been any good in this kind of exercises (I was actually really bad at it, like, 1-2 pull ups in the serie was my best achievement). Realizing that it doesn't change over time (I still do max 2 pull ups) was no surprise to me - I've set my goal to achieve 10 pull ups by the end of this year (which seems pretty unrealistic for me after 1 week of workouts, but we'll see 😉)

No favorite music at this week 🎧 .


Work + workOUT mostly.

-- ł.

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