lkweekly #23

Published at 2020/06/07

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.

Cleaning time! This week I was focused on cleaning up my personal laptop & installing latest Windows Insider update (2004).


This week due to some health issues (note about that will be published probably in the next week) I wasn't able to perform any activities related to my side-projects.

But I've managed to do a fresh-install of my OS (Windows 10) with latest build (2004).

Even it wasn't recommended for my machine yet (Surface Book 2) I've tried to install it anyway (as I would clean everything anyway so in worst case I would have to do it again if something won't work). I did it because I've wanted to use WSL 2 on my primary machine 😎


I struggle currently with health issues - to be more precise: I suffer from an occupational disease 😞 (wrist pain) - it's 3rd time in my career actually 😒 - but this time I think I've found the exact cause of it (more info soon)

Favorite songs: Timeflies - Beast & Protohype & Alina Renae - Fly 🎧


No pain, no uninterrupted gain.

-- ł.

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