lkweekly #27

Published at 2020/07/06

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


This is the first time I can't share much information here - I haven't worked at all on my any side-project, mostly because the tasks I have at my full-time job are that much exciting that I do them in a bit of extense so I don't want to do anything else at the moment 😉


Enjoying the great weather with the family 😊🌴

Besides that I've hit my new life record of chin ups - 7 reps! 💪 (If you don't know already last month I've started training on the bar and I've set a goal to the end of the year to hit the 10 reps) For the whole life my personal best record was 5 reps (and that was like 15-20 years ago!)

Favorite songs: Fox Stevenson - Out My Head & Timeflies - Beast 🎧


I feel great & recomend doing bar workouts for all those who spends most of the time in sitting position.

-- ł.

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