lkweekly #33

Published at 2020/08/16

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


This week I've tried to push further development of Lem (desktop app CMS that generate static website) - working currently on initializing most basic project structure. Besides that I've also managed to release new version of Tavuelo - had to manually update some dependencies because of outdated codebase and to fix known vulnerabilities.


Continue playing Phantasy Star Online 2 - it's very PSO1-ish for me, which is both good and bad thing - I feel that slowly I'm getting bored because of its very repetitive gameplay.

I've also managed to beat my chin up record - 9 at the moment (I've felt I could go with 10th but it won't be perfect). Also slowly getting better will pull ups - 4 reps per serie now 💪 🔥

Favorite songs: Rootkit, Anna Yvette - Against the Sun & The Streets - Everything is Borrowed 🎧


Code-fixing, side-project'ing.

-- ł.

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