lkweekly #36

Published at 2020/09/06

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


Basically, I could copy-paste last week's note here - I worked further on Lem - created input and tag component that handles validation rules passed via JSON and now adding autocomplete feature.

One slight difference is that there's no new releases of Tavuelo - as any new bugs hasn't been spotted so there was no need for that 😉


It's almost autumn at my place - and so my gardening skills raises again:


Favorite songs: Męskie Granie Orkiestra - Wataha & ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE - Microphone Check 🎧


Again, really satisfied with the progress of Lem project. I (again😊) hope next week will be as productive as this one.

-- ł.

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