lkweekly #39

Published at 2020/09/27

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


Another busy week!

I've managed to work further on Lem app - I've somewhat finished first draft of my article editor component, so I can now create/edit them easily. Now I'm working on fetching its contents into the article list in an efficient way, so the details as Title/published date/tags/categories will be fetched asynchronously as list page updates. And this feature required adding new event to my Tavuelo package which I use in this app! After a couple minutes of tweaking I've developed it & released as a new version - 0.12.11 - which release notes you can read here.

I must admit that dogfooding the stuff that I've created is awesome - I can battle test it properly in various scenarios and when I see some features missing - I can just add them! 😎


Work, work, work & some family time in between.

I think I'll just quote this sentence from the last week (and will continue doing that for upcoming weeks as well).

Besides that, I've got interested into Construct 3 - mostly because of Monkey With Guns devlogs - really interesting stuff!

I've tried couple game engines in the past (last one was Godot) but never really made anything more than following some baby step tutorials - maybe this time I've manage to dive deeper into gamedev ? Who knows 😊

Don't have really any favorite songs this week - I've just played anything in the background as a white noise this time 🎶


Work, work, work.

-- ł.

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