lkweekly #4

Published at 2020/01/26

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


As you already know, I'm working on desktop version of my static site generator - writteli. After struggling back and forth with different Electron.js configs, I've got annoyed because of unexpected complications while working on Windows WSL & initial bundle size of the app (pretty empty app had size of ~250MB!) I've decided to try something else - Proton native.

So what's now?

It's an environment to create desktop apps using React.js syntax. And because I know only very basics of this tool I've decided to extend my knowledge by completing the React.js course on Udemy.

So yeah, basically I am now learning React.js.

I have also again redesigned my website - there's no more bright version of it.


It's no secret that I really like the web designs made by Andrew Kim or Oliur Rahman. While preparing bright version of my 2020 theme I was inspired heavily by their websites (even if it wasn't visible at all 😂). At first I was satisfied with the output, but after some time I began to feel that it's not exactly my website style - so I decided to switch back to my darker color palette 🎨.


Big changes are coming - but that's the announcement for another post 😉.

Besides that, I've watched with my wife Last Christmas - and unexpectedely I totally recommend this movie! It's a romantic comedy, with a bit of a drama, but have a pretty surprising (sad(?)) plot twist! 🎥

No fav songs this time, as in free time I'm listening to Maximillian Schwarzmuller voice during React.js course 😂.


To be honest - it was a pretty weird week. The new direction of writteli development and some other incoming changes has made my life a bit crazy. But hey, in the end changes are exciting! Stay tuned 😃

-- ł.

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