lkweekly #43

Published at 2020/10/25

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


Regarding Lem development, this week I've been focused mostly on its design aspects. I've browsed tons of various applications & interface designs, seeking inspiration for final color palette & aescetics.

At the same time, I've started prototyping another small game using Construct 3. Most probably I won't do anything further besides simple proof of concept, until I finish working with Lem and buy full version of Construct itself 🙂 Once again I've learned that Construct is really an awesome tool for fast prototyping - I've made a simple (animated) walking ninja sprite with ability to trigger attacks in like 15 minutes 🙂


I took the opportunity that the weather is beautiful here in Poland so spent all the available free time after work outside with my family 👪

No favorite songs this week.


Inspiration seeking & indie game prototyping.

-- ł.

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