lkweekly #47

Published at 2020/11/22

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


End of the year results in a big reset, because I've decided to give a different approach of storing data inside Lem app a chance: now trying out NeDB (an embedded database for Electron/Node.js/nw.js apps).

Also, decided to abandon an idea that at the same time of working on Lem I'll create my own UI library of Vue.js components that I'll dogfood during the whole development process. In the end I've decided to use Buefy (as I've used it before and I really like available customization options & performace).

I've also tinkered my website a bit, as it turned out that I don't have 100/100 speed score anymore 🙄 (94% at the time of writing this article). It could be better if I would go with lazy-loading stylesheets, but I don't really like the jumpy effect of things on initial page load (so no, thank you google, I don't want your 100/100 anymore 😛)

Besides that, started early-drafting of Lkweekly one-year summary article ✍.


No playing at all this week. (although still want to beat Celeste by 100% on PS4 😎).

Started watching The Crown with my wife. We're on 4th episode now, it looks like (at least at the moment) the calmer/slower British response for House of Cards TV serie 🙂 📺.

Favorite song: Myka, Relocate - Doublespeak 🎧


End of the year might be a good time to do a fresh-start actually.

-- ł.