lkweekly #5

Published at 2020/02/01

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


This week I was pretty busy with random paperwork-related errands so I didn't spend much time on any tech/side-project programming stuff.

Out of nowhere I have got an idea for new side-project - but setting it back for now until I finish working on writteli.

I have also tried out a bit programming in TypeScript - at the moment all I can say that I really do prefer working with raw JavaScript 😆 - but maybe at some point in the future I'll change my mind.


I've finally watched The Joker and gosh, this movie would be still great even if it wasn't set in DC (or any hero-related) universe 🎥

I've also just seen The Fast & Furious 9 movie trailer and hmmn.. what has been seen cannot be unseen - I remember times, when these movies were about street racing though 🙄

Favorite songs: Diplo feat. M0 - Get it Right and Jack Ü feat. Kai - Mind 🎧


I don't really like weeks like this - I do prefer working with code than papers 😀

-- ł.

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