lkweekly #7

Published at 2020/02/16

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


It was a pretty busy week. I'm still working hard on releasing version 1.0 of Tavuelo in this century 😂 (don't laugh, still managed to release 0.10.1 💪). At the same time I'm working on some new other articles on the blog.


Busy, busy, buzzy bzzz 🐝

Nothing very spectacular, finding last items in Lego Worlds with my kiddo in my spare time 🎮 😎

Favorite songs: Nine Thou - Grant Mohrman Superstars Remix 🎧


I've almost forgot about this week note - I was focused on writing other stuff so much that I haven't realized is Sunday already. To be honest, this #lkweekly issue release was totally not on my way - I've started to consider other release cycle but that's the info for another time.

-- ł.

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