lkweekly #9

Published at 2020/03/01

Lkweekly is my personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


During this week I was browsing documentation of the ant design for vue - especially the concept behind form component.

Besides that, I've started working on building helper library of writteli - building it from scratch with fresh approach, to make it more extensible and modular.


My first week at new workplace went pretty smooth - very excited about things that I'm going to work on 😎 💪 🔥

I have also managed to met with my group of friends since my teenage years (we've managed to met in full squad after ~11years!). Good times.

And it's celebration time 🎉 My twitter followers counter has reached 100 people this week! I wonder how many bots are out there 😆


Favorite songs: Jack Ü - TO Ü & Dakota Star - It's all about you 🎧


Still being busy! 🚌 😅 As a proof of this let it be the fact that I published this article on Sunday (as always) but at 23:28 😅.

-- ł.

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