lkweekly summary

Published at 2021/01/17

Lkweekly was my biggest 2020 personal project about making devlog + lifelog notes on weekly basis.


I've started writing dev/life notes on weekly basis because of general burnout I've suffered in 2019.

Time was passing through so fast in 2019, days were blurred together like a fog in the cold, autumn morning.

So I've decided to collect, organise and archive my thoughts throughout the year.

Some statistics

During the 366 days in 2020 I've written 52 #lkweekly notes. 49 of them has been released on Sunday, 3 notes has been postponed with public release (because of reasons 🙄) to Monday.

Average duration of writing these notes was 55 minutes.

All of the articles contains 52238 words that are written by using 348800 letters in total.

Whole serie was seen by ~11k unique visitors, most of them lives in the United States, France, Germany, Canada & Sweden.

Some countries from this map was a little surprise for me


I feel that maitaining such series on regular basis was a huge motivator for me. Every week I had that feeling in the back of my head what I will write about past week - so I had to do something 🙂 That might be one of the reasons about so many commits I've made in the past year.

Those are my only private contributions (not including any activity from my full-time job)

Despite the feeling of being boosted for execution each week, around #37 issue I've become a bit overwhelmed. It was that part of the year where I didn't have much free time to do any extra work with my side-projects and I had to focus on my & family health issues (fortunately not COVID-related ones!). For a couple following weeks I've found motivating myself to write more difficult than usual.

Maybe that was just a temporary burnout about the whole process.

During that specific time, I've switched my side-project focus from lem & tavyelo into learning how to make games using Construct 3 engine.

And gosh, that was a clever move.

Over 4 weeks time span I've created 2 simple games: BOINK! and Ok, broomer. It was a good reset for my mind - I've basically switched context from what I had during whole year in my head so I could focus again on my (side-project related) priorities & writing weekly summary notes.


This whole #lkweekly project was a really interesting experience for me. For the whole year I wasn't really monitoring stats of how many people I'm reaching to with this serie and I was positively surprised about the final numbers when preparing this summary article.

It was also a good exercise of making writing on regular basis a habit. Despite the fact I was a bit tired halfway through it I actually feel a bit weird now when I'm not writing anymore during the weekend 🙂.

-- ł.