Minimal watches 2019

Published at 2019/11/23

Christmas is just around the corner so I thought that preparing such list might be useful for someone.

I don't own (yet) any of the watches listed below, but for sure I would like see and try out some of them, especially

Braun BN0106 Prestige

Image source: Braun website

My personal must-see-to-figure-out-if-its-my-must-have one. I've just recently learned about the fact that Braun company have also very fine designed minimal watches in their portfolio.

While browsing various offers on the Internet I've seen it in 4 variants: silver or black color and rubber or stainless steel bracelet. Personally I'm still not sure which one I would prefer as I'm not a huge fan of steel bracelets (because they tend to hurt my keyboards/laptops while typing) but the unusal, minimalistic design of them seems pretty attractive.

Silver color variant with stainless steel bracelet. Image source: Sportique website

What else I can say about this model? Bauhaus style at its finest.

Braun BN0171

Image source: Braun website

Another Braun product on the list - despite the fact it has 3 color variants (blue/denim, black and silver) I present you only blue and black one, as the silver one is not that outstanding (or looks pretty generic? or maybe it's just me & my dislike to silver watches) as these ones.

Even at first look this bracelet look almost the same like its predecessor from the list, this one has ceramic bracelet. Very simple and clean design (some may associate it with Braun's iconic ABW 21 4833 Domo Quartz wall clocks though - but is that bad actually?)

Hilfiger Men's Denim for him

Image source: Tommy Hilfiger/Amazon sale

A Quartz's watch with brown leather calfskin strap - very clean, minimalistic dial and case. It also occurs with black face and strap, but in my opinion this variant looks more unique.

Nixon Dork Too

Image source: Nixon website

As much as I don't like appearance of square smart watches (I'm talking to you, apple watch) I do really like the retro-futurism of Nixon Dork Too and Braun BN0106. For this model I'm not even sure if I would go with black or silver version (if I would go with silver, then I would have to start collecting money for DMC DeLorean car for sure :) ).

Oh, and one more thing, this watch actually have a speaker and tells you what time it is - totally like living in cool (retro) future, right? :)

Casio Vintage A168WEM-7EF Illuminator

Image source: Casio Europe website

Another one to wear while driving in your DeLorean. I don't think if I ever find any more vintage/cheese/retrofuturistic watch than this :)

The Horse D Series

Image source: The Horse website

I am pretty sure that probably everyone had an elder family member with a watch that had similar font like The Horse D Series model. Very clean & readable for everyday use. Also looks classy as hell.

Final words, the great absentees

If you've ever do the search by yourself for minimal watches using google, you probably found out that MVMT watches appears almost everywhere - why though I haven't included them in this list?

Ok, first - I already own one (and even reviewed it) so I thought that it's unnecessary to repeat myself again here.

Also, as you also might probably noticed - there are literally TONS of MVMT clones available on the market now - just go try and search Quartz watch on Alibaba/Aliexpress website (so it doesn't offer any outstanding design anymore).

And finally - there is a lot of great, minimal watches which costs as high as e.g. luxury car - but that wasn't my point in making this list - some watches are still pretty pricey, but I've tried to select ones that are available for almost every generic budget.

Disclaimer - this list is not associated with any of the companies mentioned in this article - it's just a result of my personal googling after new watch for myself :)

-- ł.

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