Nokia Lumia 735 Review

Published at 2015/09/11

As You may know, I don't really like Windows as my primary desktop OS, but what Microsoft is doing with his Windows Phone meets all my expectations from mobile system.


Combination of such great software and splendid (in design and performance field) hardware results as wonderful product.

I've noticed two fractions of people - one accues Microsoft continous reproduction of the same product design, while the other likes the consistency of this product line.

Personally I really like the Lumia family product design - You can recognize any of them at first glance; minimalistic, solid, often enclosed in one-piece, unibody form with bright colors.

It's worth to mention, that Nokia Lumia was the first so colorful phone family line - now apple phone manufacturers copy that trend.


Despite the large selection of colors I've chosen the white one - it looks even more clean & minimalistic than any other Lumias.

Unlike the classic Lumia products, this model has a replaceable cover and battery - You can also buy unusual red/orange, bright green or black case. I think it's a good move from Nokia, which extends the fun of owning this model.


In the package with the phone, we can find pair of nice (as for a default one) headphones, and ugly-and-nothing-special-standard-looking black charger(Lumia 800 has still the best designed charger ever)

Make some noise!


During phone calls I haven't noticed any particular problems with call quality - neither my callers. To be honest, quality of the speaker or the microphone is pretty standard - it is good, but I think it could be better.

I cannot say the same about the backside speaker (which plays music or ringtones) - it is the loudest speaker I've ever met in the smartphone. Although It's the shame that its quality is not so good when set to max volume - I've noticed some noises during loud, high frequency sounds (low basses sounds pretty good).



Nokia Lumia 735 has two cameras: 6.7Mpx rear (with flash) and 5Mpx front one - both are very good, even in low light. In addition, Windows Phone has great software for photography: standard Lumia Camera app with ring controls (I love this idea) or Lumia Refocus which allows You to change photo's depth of field AFTER doing and saving it on the memory card.

Go, go, Gadget's gadgets!



One of my most desired phone features is wireless charging. This Lumia supports any Qi-standard chargers. I decided to buy an IKEA's NORDMÄRKE model and I'm pretty satisfied (somehow I'm not convinced about colorful fatboy chargers)

It's worth to mention, that all Lumia users can download and use Nokia Here Drive+ and Maps for free. In addition, You can also save map data on the device and use it offline. In my opinion it's still the best mobile navigation system in the market.




To not completely repeat my Nokia Lumia 800 review, I can only say that Nokia Lumia 735 is the greatest 8.1 Windows Phone ever made. It offers amazing quality(on software and hardware field) for such low price. I recommend it as a first smartphone device (due to intuitive OS) or as a solid alternative to Android or iOS based phones.

This review took me about 3 months to finish because of huge amount of other tasks - fortunately I have many draft posts which still need couple improvements, but I hope I'll be able to publish articles more frequently again.

-- ł.

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