Summary of the Year 2021

Published at 2021/12/29

In 2021, I've learnt that I'm bad in "work-life balance" game

By the end of 2020 year, I've accepted an offer to work in - first as a sole front-end developer to develop an UI of internal product, and then I've been delegated to help with another product that is being developed by

The transition to a new workplace was very smooth, even though I've agreed with my previous team to help them in free time when I will be able to.

So the first half of the year was like a marathon. I had to learn TypeScript that is being widely used at, develop new product in given amount of time* and try to help my folks from my previous project as much as I can.


So after 6 months, there was a first month that I was unable to do anything for my previous team. I've decided to split up at that point as it was very stressful for me and I was feeling guilty that I can't spend more time on work for them. I do really appreciate the trust that they've put in me and their willingness to cooperate with me on part-time basis. πŸ’›

Lessons learned

This year I've finally used to work with TypeScript πŸ™Œ πŸ”₯

(I won't mention that I've learned it, as still I find some quirks from time to time that I need to google for to make it work with Vue 2).

Regarding my side projects, because of tons web-related work I've been into making simple, proof-of-concept games:

I've also created one PoC using Vue, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS - A Creepy Labirynth (I was really inspired at the time by the approach of mimicking 3D/FPP perspective on 2D scene by Backspace Bouken devs).

As you might notice, there was 2 games that shares Super Zero Adventures title - those were created as PoCs for a bigger, full game that I've wanted to develop one time. At the moment of writing this post I've stopped the development of it, but I've managed to create 3 levels with some cutscenes in between them.

You can see some of the available gameplay above (it was recorded when I had only intro, tutorial level and cutscene between 1st and 2nd levels).

COVID-19 situation

In November, I've got COVID πŸ€’. Fortunately, I've vaccinated myself twice, so I've gone through it in a pretty decent manner (I could compare it to a really bad flu, but I've totally lost my taste for 3 days). Fortunately everything is alright now (as I didn't have to visit hospital was a really good news).

Personal growth stats

142 contributions (422 less than in 2020) - that's the amount of commits I've made solely to my own projects (but not counting those from my full-time job and the efforts I've made into gamedev (as those are not git-based but are being saved on personal cloud and loaded into Construct 3 web-based editor)).

My StackOverflow profile still lives its own life and earned 630 points this year (5175 in total).

This website has been seen by ~30k unique visitors in total (so again, an +6k growth in comparison to the last year). It's a really nice number, as this year I was really lacking of publishing anything new here (and last year I had an lkweekly project!). I assume that my acivity on social media has helped me with this (I've been putting screenshots/videos of my games there).

Social media

  • twitter: (@lukaszkups): +33 new followers (139 in total)

  • instagram (@lukasz_kups): same as last year, 117 in total



I was lazy this year and I won't hide it - I've ready only 2 books this year (Alien 1 and its sequel). I also read now way less online articles, as I've started relying more on couple weekly mailings instead (about programming / gamedev / webdev / front-end / Node.js / security).

I also continue my classic Transformers G1 comic book series 😁 (I'm at 70th issue now πŸ˜…).


Referring to the last year note: I've seen Ad Astra (it was pretty nice, but I was expecting something else a little bit πŸ™‚).

Stephanie (2017) - seen it by accident, but it's a pretty decent horror movie (shame that it had so little budget for CGI, but still, it's movie).

The Visit (2015) - another cool horror, has some creepy moments, also has a nice plot-twist in the end.

The Expanse - I'm at 4th season right now - gosh, it's really great sci-fi serie!

The Boys - this serie rocks! Imagine R-rated Avengers with more realistic, bittersweet life problems - can't wait for new season!


Horizon: Zero Dawn - after beating it on PS4, I'm playing it now on PC. Must admit, it's way easier to fight with mecha-dinosaurs with mouse control πŸ’ͺ 🏹 🦎 πŸ”₯

A Plague Tale: Innocence - randomly started playing it out of curiosity, but I've got hooked into the main story to be honest 🐁

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - one of the best games I've played in 2021 (as I've created a dedicated article about it).

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - one day, I'm gonna finish this game (started 3 times already)..

Honorable Mentions:

Forza Horizon 5 - while I don't really play it regularly (in contrast to my son 😁) I think this is one of the most astonishing title in terms of graphics in 2021.

Moving out - this game is soo cool to play with someone (e.g. your kid 😁) - tons of laughts & fun!

Small wins

There was a couple family/personal related ones, which I'm gonna keep for myself 😁

Besides those above, I'm really happy that I'm finally working full-time with TypeScript πŸ’ͺ πŸ”₯ (as I couldn't/didn't want to/had-many-more-ideas/excuses for other things to do than force myself to learn it properly earlier πŸ˜…)

Small failures

I dunno to be honest… Not working enough on my side-projects maybe? But I've spent that time on my reset/leisure time so I was able to function somehow between one 12+ hours-long day of work (so I REGRET NOTHING in that case haha πŸ˜†)

Plans for the 2022

  • Work again on Tavuelo package (bump dependencies, add missing functionalities etc.)

  • Start working again on Lem app (?)

  • Go back to regular workouts - I'm basically at the same place as in the beginning of 2021 (or maybe even worse, as I've stopped working out on regular basis since the last couple months)

  • Finish at least 1 indie game title properly

  • Spend more/More/MORE/MORE! time with my family πŸ’‘

Summary of the summary

So wrapping things up, it wasn't a really bad year. But it also wasn't super-dooper-great one. It was just decent.

I wish you, and myself a waaay better one, 2022! Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰

-- Ε‚.

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