Surface Duo is the only foldable device that makes sense

Published at 2020/08/14

I don't really remember when I've felt last time so many positive emotions regarding any device / gadget / technology

Yesterday Microsoft has published a 30-minute video with a Press Briefing about Surface Duo device.

And oh my gosh, I'm so hyped.

A promise of being more productive

Let's be honest here: even such trivial and time-wasting acivities like browsing twitter + instagram at the same time might make help us… save some time?

Actually, I would prefer a pair of twitter + browser so I can open all links from twitter in the 2nd display and while it's loading I can scroll through twitter.

Also, I hate when apps are using in-app browser - so I have then login again to all services I haven't yet there (e.g. disqus comments argh! 😤)

I do really hope that those pairs will work together just fine out of the box - and also after some time there will be more and more integrations available for that feature.

Since I'm talking about software - this leads to..

A brand new (beautiful) Android?

Just look at this specific moment (8:43) - all these icons smoothly moving on screen swipe, or rearranging to other side when you open app list on one of them - just WOW! 😮

Until this presentation, I was thinking that these animations (which has been shown on the previous commercials as well) were just a cheap move from Microsoft because they were animated in post-production. I was stunned when I realized that all these little details are actually real!

I'm very interested how it's gonna work on daily basis, and how deep Microsoft will enable customization of it.

My concerns about Surface Duo

I don't care about lack of newest / best processor and I don't care about not having NFC in my mobile device either.

What bothers me though, is the battery life.

An amount of 3577mAh capacity doesn't look good. Actually, it's pretty average even for a single screen device! Microsoft declares a whole day of staying online, but I'm not really sure about this at the moment. This device is meant to be a secondary workhorse (as a PC/laptop replacement) and I'm pretty sure the actual Screen time will me much shorter.. Or maybe Microsoft will deliver some great optimization on software level.. We'll see, but I don't expect fireworks here 🙂.

I'm very interested in how it's gonna feel like when you'll work in laptop mode (1 screen with app and 2nd one with fullscreen keyboard). Touchscreen keyboards made me lately very annoyed about how (un)precise they are - I'm really considering switching to some Blackberry Key2 device (not sure if regular or LE one) - maybe such big keys on screen would change my mind? Who knows.

Final words

I'm really excited about this device. I'm also amazed, how Microsoft still continues being a really innovative company. Compared to all these empty slogans that other tech companies serve us every year, this presentation was really cool. There was no bull$hit about trivial stuff that suppose to be magic thanks to their product out of nowhere. Presenters just showed us the practical and real-life scenarios when we might want to use their product. Fortunately they didn't go the path where they first created a stupid problem, and then showed how amazing their product is in solving it. I really like that approach.

At some point during the presentation Panos Panay (Microsoft's Chief Product Officer who was leading this presentation) use words sexy - and gosh, this device is really like that!

If the future of foldabes will go in this direction, I think I've finally got convinced to that concept.

-- ł.

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