Tavuelo 0.11.1 release notes

Published at 2020/02/19

Tavuelo is my first open source package. It is a easy to use yet highly customizable table component, created for use in Vue.js projects.


This release contains changes for pagination. I've decided to separate it from table template and created dedicated pagination component that is imported into tavuelo.

Added new property:

  • showAllPages - a boolean prop (default value: false) - it controls how pagination is displayed. If set to true, it will display all available pages as clickable boxes:


If you want to use default mode (false), it's gonna be displayed like this:


The input field will switch active page automatically on blur event.

Besides development side, I have also created official logo for tavuelo:

Tavuelo logo
(yes, colors that I've used here are the same as in official Vue.js logo 😉)

Readme file that contains API guide / documentation has been updated as well. You can check it here.

Link to npm

Link to github

-- ł.

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