Tavuelo 0.12.6 release notes

Published at 2020/08/17

Tavuelo is my first open source package. It is a easy to use yet highly customizable table component, created for use in Vue.js projects.


That was a quick one! Because of making a silly mistake with version 0.12.5, I had to republish package with bumped version, so 0.12.4 -> 0.12.6 is the official update path.

New version includes:

  • Removed unnecesary files so the bundle size has been reduced (from 1.47MB to 459kB unpacked! (25.26 KiB Gzipped))

  • Library build contains now only UMD-MIN option - tavuelo in CommonJS version has been discontinued (but you can build it from source - just remove --formats umd-min part from build-bundle command that's inside package.json)

Link to npm

Link to github

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