Tavuelo 0.12.7 release notes

Published at 2020/08/24

Tavuelo is my first open source package. It is a easy to use yet highly customizable table component, created for use in Vue.js projects.


I've started using Tavuelo in my other project recently and I've spotted a bug.

Long story short: user was unable to activate sorting, until given column has been included in searchColumns prop - which is wrong, as that property is related to search feature, not sort one. New update contains a fix for this issue and has resolved vulnerable (depth level: 4) dependencies.

New version includes:

  • Updated vulnerable dependency of acorn package

  • Added new property: sortColumns - an array prop (default value: []) - contains a list of column data sources, which should handle column sort functionality

  • Added new propery: sortAllColumns - a boolean prop (default value: false) - toggle if all columns should handle sort functionality out of the box or not

  • Updated README file

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Link to github

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