Tavuelo 0.9.10 release notes

Published at 2020/02/03

Tavuelo is my first open source package. It is a easy to use yet highly customizable table component, created for use in Vue.js projects.


Added new properties:

  • downloadDataButton - it's a boolean prop (default value: false) that toggles visibility of the button that enables download data that is currently sorted and filtered in table. Tt will be the exact copy of the data that is currently available in the table, so if any custom sorting or filtering is applied, it will be reflected in the downloaded file.

  • downloadDataFileType - a string prop (available values: json (default) and csv). It determines what file format will be available to download.

Updated example components code, so you can easily check and customize table code with newly added properties.

Fixed versions of dependency packages that contained various vulnerabilitites (i.e. serialize-javascript version bump to ^2.1.1).

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-- ł.

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