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Published at 2019/02/02

DISCLAIMER: I'm not associated in any way with Microsoft or its competitors and this article is just my own opinion, without any 3rd party influence

Today I've learnt that Microsoft has been working on something called Adaptive Controller which aims specifically into disabled people who wants to play games in most comfortable way.

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This product is a part of the Microsoft's Empowering campaign.

Internet is a really weird place

I've found mixed reactions about this video. Most people accuses Microsoft of using topic of disability for their own PR campaigns.

Duh, it's probably not a secret that this might be just a PR move, but it's at least an appropriate one

In my opinion, this is awesome that company like Microsoft works on such devices. This whole campaign is just likely a PR move, but in a best of its form. If companies wants to play on our feelings, then go on - as long as it goes with something good to other people.

But there's only one 'but'

The only disadvantage I've noticed about this device is its price. I understand that games are not a first-aid product, but the pricing of optional peripherals is nuts. I could even took the price of the main controller itself (99.99$ at the time of writing this article) as understandable, even if it's a bit pricey e.g. as for the average earnings in Poland, but…

Screenshot taken from Microsoft Store at the day of writing this article

65 freaking dollars for a single button? Something is definitely not right here. I really want to believe that behind this number is space-class quality and hard work of dozens engineers but… it definitely can be solved with lower price. I wonder how much does it cost to complete a full set of controllers (base + addons) for moderately disabled person - I suppose that the final cost will be near the price of the Xbox console itself - that's a big no-no, dear Microsoft.

But anyway, it's a very good idea

Despite the overpriced side of this product, it's great that someone thinks about people with disabilites. I wonder what would happen if other big players of the gaming market has created their own versions for such devices. (I'm watching on you Sony, but at the same time I think that Nintendo is the one that would figure out most clever solution, that would not require to break the bank to afford for).

To sum this up: big applause for you Microsoft for that you're trying to help people which are often forgotten or ommited by the industry.

Thank you.

-- ł.

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