Why I won't buy Surface Book 3

Published at 2020/06/05

As you might already heard, Microsoft has announced just recently couple new devices & accessories from their Surface family

One of them was Surface Book 3

My first thought was: WHAAAAAA 😲 ??? But then my emotions subsided.

I'm a happy owner of 2nd generation of Surface Book device. Like, a very, very happy owner - every time I see, use, work with this machine I feel great.

I'm in love with its design and overall quality - I think last time I've felt such strong emotions when I've seen Macbook Pro for the very first time - but even it was something like in 2009 (when I was young and hyped) I don't think it was so strong as it is now with Surface Book.

This is literally a modern piece of art.

While I still haven't prepared a fine review of it (yet) I want to spoiler why I'm not going to buy its successor.

Long story short: I don't feel I need any upgrade.

Like many other people, I wasn't aware that Microsoft has already prepared a next generation of Surface Book. Sincerely, I thought that new version will be released a bit later (like next year or so).

I was only hoping for one particular change - the hinge design

source: my instagram

While this is the most beautiful part of the device (and it looks like almost an sci-fi / alien technology, even after 2 year day-to-day usage) it feels to me as it's also its most vulnerable part.

Why so? When you close the device, there's a gap between screen/tablet and keyboad/base/body part. And I've read already some user stories about grabbing their Surface Books too hard and breaking the screen 😱

Fortunately I work 100% remote and I don't have to move with my Surface Book very often - but even so, every trip with SB2 is like having an egg packaging (maybe I'm exaggerating, but this beauty is pricy as hell).

So this is the detail I miss in 3rd edition of the SB - I thought Microsoft will somehow redesign their hinge mechanism, to make Surface Book flat when closed, but unfortunately not this time.

Besides that, what else should be changed in such high end device?

Personally, I don't see/need/want anything else. In terms of performance - high-end configuration of SB2 is still flawless. I can even admit that it's an overpowered workhorse for my current needs as I mostly just do some webdev-related programming on it (so GPU is on vacation 😎🌴).

I also rarely play any games on it (PS4 💛) (but that might change in the near future once Horizon: Zero Dawn will be released on PC 😁) - so also I've never experienced undervolting or throttle that many other owners reported.

And last but not least - the price.

It's not a huge surprise, that newest, most powerful Surface Book will keep the price level similar to its predecessors. But for me it just doesn't offer that much compared to version 2 that it would convince me to make an upgrade/switch.

So right now - I'm waiting for first Surface Book 3 reviews (just out of curiosity) and most probably (I hope I won't break mine in the meantime) for 4th generation of Surface Book 😉.

PS. For any 1st generation owners of Surface Book - do you consider upgrade/switch? If so, why?

Feel free to let me know - I would love to learn about your opinions.

-- ł.

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