Blackberry will be back

Published at 2020/08/20

Yesterday, I've learned that Blackberry announced new devices, coming in the first half of 2021

I love the timing, as I've been literally ill because I couldn't find Key 2 in silver color anywhere in the Europe 😔.

What we know already

There will be probably multiple devices available or one, but in different variants as in official statement it was mentioned plural version of deviceS word 😊. It will be developed by Foxconn & OnwardMobility and there's a promise that it will be secure, handle 5G, empower productivity and have physical keyboard (of course!).

My hopes about new Blackberry devices

I have couple things in my mind, that I hope will be handled properly in the upcoming generation of BB devices:

  • DESIGN - I really hope it will be similar to best models available out there - Key 2, Passport or Priv - and please, really please, don't copy F(x)tec Pro 1 (or anyone else) horizontal layout! Horizontal keyboard is not what made Blackberry devices (keyboards!) great.

Also, feel free to participate on poll I've created on twitter about this:

  • PERFORMANCE - you may call me madman, but in my opinion for the best productivity we don't really need best available specs out there. Or at least give us choice. I think decisions regarding Key 2 and Key 2 LE were not the best one available out there. Instead going with removal of most iconic part of the device way (touch/gesture-sensitive keyboard) they could go with anything else (like, no dual-sim, lack of NFC, slower CPU etc.). Blackberry devices are about being productive, so we don't need gaming-level hardware here.

  • PRICE - please, don't make the same mistake again, with highly overpriced smartphones. Market is already very competitive and lets be honest - BB has its own little niche and it's less likely it will hit into the mainstream out of sudden.

Or again - give us choice if we want overpricedpowered units or something less exaggerated.

  • ANDROID - security is a thing, especially nowadays, but in the end our devices will be as secure as we will do. Creating some additional layer of security would be nice, but if Blackberry devices will be able to run on as plain Android as possible, it would be even greater (but also might be difficult because of physical keyboard I suppose).

Ending words

That's it! I really hope this time Blackberry will cut some bigger slice of the mobile market pie this time. Despite the fact I've never really owned a BB device, I was really determined to get Key 2 in silver color (it's just beautiful 💛, even though current offers of used devices are totally nuts! (very often more expensive than brand new - WTH people? 🤔)) - as you might already know I was also thinking about incoming Surface Duo, but in this case I'll wait for next Blackberry premiere 😊

Until then, fellow Internet People!

-- ł.

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