We live in dark times but not my website (anymore)

Published at 2022/07/30

For the last 3 years my website was designed with gold & black colour palette (inspired by Deus Ex: Human Revolution game) - but not anymore!

Since I've started working in game dev in my spare time I was thinking about my website redesign - how it should look like? Should I keep my dark aesthetics? But my games are soo colorful!

So yes, I've switched the colors basically.

The new leading color is HTML compliant - #4682B4 or SteelBlue - I will miss my gold variant but it was simply unreadable for bright color palette. - it's #FFA500 or just good old Orange!

Besides color swap I've planned to create a subsections for each leading topic on my website (gamedev, (web) programming etc.) but it's still WIP as it requires some additional work in my static site generator insights.

As you've might already notice I've also added some category colors for blog post tiles so you can differentiate topics via its background colors 👀

-- ł.

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